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Trading online could be a highly profitable business, many people trade and will continue trading online. You probably heard of trading online by one of the two:

1. People who won a BIG amount of money due to their PROPERLY TRADING techniques (or just plain luck).
2. People who lost a BIG amount of money BECAUSE they were SCAMMED.

Both of the two mentioned above are true, people get rich thanks to different trading options online, some of them are generating secondary income, and others are losing money, but A LOT of them are getting scammed and manipulated.

TradeProperly.com was founded in order to help traders (beginner and intermediate) trade better, by helping them make smarter decisions, and mainly to focus on Trading!

Although traders can never be 100% safe and secure in our age, TradeProperly.com will post and review Brokers and Robots (also known as trade bots) to enlighten on whether they are legitimate companies by checking their brokerage license, country of registration, regulation and any other relevant information. Or if they are simply a scam.

As we mentioned in our Terms of use, this site is for informational purposes only. Needless to say, do not rely on rumors, make your own research with which broker to open an account within your convenience.


Trading Forex, Stocks & Commodities, and Options can be highly rewarding. We want to spare you the same mistakes that all beginner traders do.

Here at the TradeProperly.com team, we know that in order to become a good trader (one who makes money) you should have discipline, patient, and the right information at the right time.

Unfortunately, not once we met many traders that made money (in large quantities) and were unable to withdraw their funds because they signed up with a Scam Broker.

Some of them were our own family, some of them were close friends, but most of them were total strangers that came asking for help.

We, at TradeProperly.com, decided to take the step in the direction to better the trading experience, and share our years of experience to anyone that wishes to find it useful.


To provide you with valid and clear information in simple words that all the variety of traders could understand, therefore the information will emphasize the main things that all traders should know before and after opening an account.

Our trading experts will publish the latest news, educational tools, Broker reviews and forex charts.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,

TradeProperly.com Team.

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