Olsson Capital Review

Is Olsson Capital Scam?

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Name Olsson Capital
Regulation Olsson Capital is not regulated
Demo Account No
Minimum Deposit 250$
Minimum Trade 25$
Minimum Withdraw 50$
Owners Carter Enterprises OU
Address 85 James Boucher Blvd, 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria
Overall Rating

Olsson Capital Overview

Olsson Capital is an unregulated Forex & Crypto CFD broker that was established in 2017, Olsson Capital is owned by Carter Enterprises OU.

At TradeProperly we believe that Regulation & license are the most important factors that needed to be considered, so we did our research and found this warning from the FCA(Financial Conduct Authority):

Olsson Capital FCA warning
This FCA warning is a serious issue and due to this fact, we will not recommend opening an account with Olsson Capital.

Who is Olsson Capital For?

In our opinion, new traders will find Olsson Capital a good trading platform, while experienced traders will probably want to use the MetaTrader 4 that is not supported by Olsson Capital.

Tools & Training

Olsson Capital provides a lot of educational tools, on their website we found:

3 different E-books(Basic Trading, Commodities, CFD)

Olsson Capital education web page


An active YouTube page

Olsson Capital YouTube Page


And Glossary


Olsson Capital Glossary


Olsson Capital’s educational tools seem quite impressive and can be used without an account.

Platform & Assets

Olsson Capital use’s a web-based platform that we found pretty easy to use, with a variety of assets such as Forex, Indices, Commodities, Crypto Currency, and Stocks.
Its possible to adjust the chart view to candlestick or line, In addition, there is an option for adding some technical indicators.

You can set up the leverage amount you would like to use, and the Stop Loss / Take Profit rate by default.

Olsson capital web platform view

Now, we have noticed some issues with the platform that may lead to bad habits:

  • Stop loss is also the investment amount and it could be only adjusted by the default rates of the platform, it means that your trade will be automatically closed when you lose 100% of the investment in case the trade is going against you.
  • Take profit rate is automatically set up to 50% from the total investment, you will not be able to use less than 50% take profit rate, in case you have an open trade and you are not in front of the platform, its possible to use take profit by setting up a specific rate in order to make sure your trade is automatically closed on profit (usually 5%-10% is enough).


Support E-mail: support@OlssonCapital.com
Compliance E-mail:compliance@OlssonCapital.com

Contact phone numbers :

UK: +44 (203) 936 2524
Bulgaria: +35-9243-743-64
Sweden: +46-31-308-8254
Czech Republic: +420-2-2888-3964

TradeProperly Final Opinion of Olsson Capital

With an easy to use platform, a variety of assets to trade on, useful educational tools, and a daily updated news.
As long as Olsson Capital is an unregulated broker we will not recommend opening an account with them.

Remember, regulation is for you and will protect you from scams.

Tools & Training
Beginners Friendly

Do you have any kind of experience with this broker? Want to share your opinion? Please share your opinion by commenting below, let us know if you found this article useful or if you have any questions.

11 thoughts on “Olsson Capital Review”

  1. Lost $189,400 trading binary option through Olymp Trade, couldn’t withdraw my investment not to talk of my winnings. I had to hire a refund solution professional.

  2. After requesting a refund from Olsson capital, i have not recieved a reply. I am getting worried as i need that money back!

  3. Wow thank you for the heads up. I can’t believe there ar eso many scams out there. This is why people must do research and more research before investing in a company or on the market. This is crazy how they are not even authorized or regulated in the UK. Thanks for sharing. Good information!

    • Thank you Andrea.

      We are doing our best to do valid and clear reviews about CFD’s brokers, with a focusing on either they are regulated brokers or not.

  4. What a great review.. After reading the first section that they were not regulated I had already made up my mind. However I did read the rest to see if that non regulated status was perhaps only temp or if they planned on being regulated in the future. While trading is and can be rewarding it comes with a lot of risk. So I am inclined to only go with reputable companies and I can see from your review that Olsson is sketchy.

  5. Great review thanks for posting!

    The limitations with the stop loss and take profit functionality is completely ridiculous. This is a big red flag for me, whenever entering a trade you must know why you are entering and when you must exit the trade in both a winning and a losing situation. If you cannot do these actions on your platform then find another one.

    Important information, thanks for sharing!

  6. Olsson Capital is a mafia based company, specialising in stealing peoples money. They are money laundering crooks that prey on the vunerable people. Their favourite victims are old age pensioners & compulsive gamblers.
    Carter enterprises OU also run Wilkins Finance, Weiss finance & GCC Investing, all scamming people every day. It’s such a shame these dirty thieves are allowed to do business. They have no conscience or morals at all & should be stopped but the authorities are too frightened to approach a Mafia based company. Theses dirty cocaine fuelled pigs have destroyed many peoples lives & will carry on until found. Unfortunately, like any scam business, the owners & directors do not exist & their cowardly way of stealing just carries on.
    Olsson took my life savings & have refused to care about my mental health. They laughed at me when I was contemplating taking my own life & they just told me to do it.
    They offered me a money laundering option to get part of my money back but I refused this option & I haven’t heard from them since.
    They say crime does not pay but these filthy animals seem to get way with it & nobody has the balls to stop them.

  7. Olsson capital, Weiss finance, Wilkins finanance, CGG investing, all dirty stinking Mafia scum that will steal all your money & ruin your life. Don’t let these scummy cowards take your money.

  8. I lost money with them a couple of years ago, today they called me again, to tell me they are going to refund me the money. They want to install an app on my computer, I have to allow them to or I will lose my money, which they say is in bitcoin now, I need a wallet, they will do it for me. They are scum, they need to be stopped.


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