Crude Oil Stocks & Dow Jones – Weekly market review

This week we are facing some of the most important and crucial moments in the market – and right before one of the biggest decisions the U.S president Mr. Donald Trump will be making, in regards on the Nuclear agreement with Iran – Should he stay – or should he go?…

Regardless of whether you are experience trader or not, you should know that this kind of event is immediately influencing the market.

2 major assets to follow this week: Crude Oil Stocks/Dow Jones

Dow Jones – Below is the chart of the Dow Jones on a forming triangle between the 200MA and the trend line formed since January – the direction should be decided this week…


Crude Oil Stocks – The black gold broke a major resistance on Friday and shows a lot of strength towards upcoming resistance levels as will appear on the chart below.

12/5 will be crucial for Crude Oil Stocks prices as it will affect one of the most important exporters of Crude Oil in the world and plenty of related financial contracts with Iran.

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