Another Exciting Day – 22/05/2018

After an exciting day yesterday for all the Bulls of the market – there is another one – today!


In 1 hour time the GBP/USD has news coming out that will affect the Cable after a long-term “punishment” the currency been through – let’s wait and see what will happen…


Apple(APPL)/Amazon(AMZN) Race to 1T$

The race towards 1T$(Trillion) worth of a company continues and as of now is dominated by 2 major companies – AAPL/AMZN– who will be victorious?

Apple, as of now is the leading candidate to win the race with a worth of 925B$ and climbing after yesterday’s rally in all stocks – apple is expecting “new blood” to buy the stock and help the company make history…

APPL current price per share is 187.63$.

Not too far after sits Amazon, and continues to grow and become a leading candidate to remove Apple from the top…as of now the P/E is still too scary – but investors seem to ignore it for the short term and continue to keep it very high – will it last?

AMZN current price per share is 1,585.46$.

Crude Oil

The Crude Oil continues to rise and some analysts believe it is only the beginning… –
Follow this article to find all reasons why?

As we mentioned before on Long term opportunities – Dow Jones, Crude Oil Stocks, the commodities market shows tension and volatility.

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