Market Alert: Dramatic week is coming

This week is nothing less than Dramatic for the markets – as many turning points are happening simultaneously:


Federal Reserve Bank stops his support

Federal Reserve Bank stops his support in the markets – there have been a lot of opinions on the Federal Reserve manipulating the markets with programs like QE 1/2/3/etc…  please follow this article from 2013 to get the opinion in within the stimulus program that ran back then in the markets – – well this week the Federal Reserve bank stops interfering the markets and a lot of support is being faded away gradually in the past 

Federal reserve chart
Federal reserve chart 2

Gold is Back!!!

Gold – the oldest “Safe Haven” made an uprise of 41$ since the end of last week and is traded now above previous resistance and move towards next resistance at 1,286 per ounce – when fear is in the markets – Gold is a key factor.

Weekly gold 1510
Gold weekly chart
Gold daily chart
Gold daily chart

2018 Elections

Mid Term Election 2018 –

Defiantly makes a difference when the key Indices int he market looks just like the markets a second before 2008…

Dow Jones monthly chart - 2011-2018
Dow Jones monthly chart – 2011-2018
Dow Jones monthly chart - 2008 crisis
Dow Jones monthly chart – 2008 crisis

10 Year bond

10 Year bond is climbing – The 10-year Treasury note – whose key rate impacts the pricing on things ranging from fixed-rate mortgages to stocks to virtually every financial asset on the planet – recently climbed above 3.25 percent for the first time since May 2011. And when you add the threat of higher borrowing costs on things such as houses and cars and corporate debt to the economic obstacles caused by the U.S. trade war with China, all it takes is a whiff of weakness to set a major sell-off in motion.

10 Years Bond
10 Years Bond

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