Market Review 25/5/2018

Are we facing another Lehman crisis (yet again) from the bank’s side? – maybe yes – maybe no – but the risks to the capital market are there, and the following article would assist understand more:

Yesterday one of the biggest banks in Europe – DB(Deutsche Bank) – dropped midday up to 7% and finished the day at 4.8% drop.
On top, the bank said 10% of its workforce globally will be laid off(97,000 people around the world) – what led to concern from a reoccurring situation as Lehman incident from 2008.


Yesterday the Dax30 responded with a drop of 136 points:


Deutsche Bank

Here is the chart of DB(Deutsche Bank):



In times of uncertainty, where did everyone go? – “Safe Haven assets”(Gold/Silver/CHF/JPY)

Here  is a trade idea and a comparison from what happen in 2008 with the Silver(XAU) Рyou will be the one to decide:


Mind the Crude Oil after today’s sharp movement volatility expected on the “Black Gold” and we are facing some interesting movements:

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    • The reason behind the 4% drop in oil value can be related to the declarations made by Russia and Saudis ministers of finance to enhance each of their states oil production rate in order to fill the demands worldwide following the sanctions the U.S has imposed on Iran.


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