15/5/2018 Market Review

U.S Dollar

As yesterday’s session came into close we saw weakness in the stocks markets that started higher and finished closer to day’s low….and the Dollar? the Dollar got stronger alongside other currencies that got weaker against it.


U.S Dollar Index

As the U.S Dollar Index chart shows – the trend of a stronger Dollar continues.

The leading indices lost high towards the end of the session and as of now show additional weakness as the futures are traded lower.


10-Year Bond

Concerns due to rising yields on 10-year bond return to scare traders, as they go (again) above the 3% mark:

The leading indices stop their 8 day’s streak in a closer to opening low price, futures today show weakness before market’s European session open – this comes after Donald Trump tweeted he is trying to bring ZTE back in business.

The European central bank declared that the work plan will maintain and as September will arrive, the QE will be reduced and slowly finished – what pushed the Euro up upon announcement – and reversed towards the end of the session.

EUR/USD Chart:


U.S national debt

Dow Jones Chart:


The U.S national debt(is the debt carried by the federal government of the United States, Read more) continues to be a key factor in investors decision making process while the Treasury continues to face increasing rising rates and a future that looks unclear as time goes by…

Follow the debt in real time here – http://www.usdebtclock.org/

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