16/5/2018 Market Review

North Korea and Trump summit

Yesterday’s session ended with an additional strength of the dollar while leading indices around the world got weaker as a concern in the market from a fading summit between the U.S and North Korea who launched threats at the U.S due to a planned military drill – read more here:

As that happens we saw an uprise in the Dollar value and weakness of the:

  • EUR – dropped 130 pip’s
  • GBP – dropped 100 pip’s
  • Aud – dropped 85 pip’s
  • Gold – dropped 26$
  • Silver – dropped 3,400 pip’s
  • Etc…


10-Year Bond


Concerns from increasing fund rates were shown and projected on the 10-year bond rates:

The leading indices showed weakness and dropped from 0.7% – 1% and are as of now traded on a “sellers territory”.

As the “Fear Index” (VIX) spikes up 14% and pushes the S&P500; under pressure – volatility is back…


Pay attention as the market enters the end of May(“Sell in May and go away?”) with increasing volatility, increasing Dollar – increasing uncertainty level in the market.

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