25/07/18 Market Review

Earning Season Momentum

As the earnings season gains momentum and goes into an advanced stage most of the companies that reported so far have beaten analysts expectations and showed nice returns and profit per share that pushed prices higher when today several companies are due to report – this comes in a critical week for the stocks market as a report on MarketWatch noted today on a correlation between months April-July as a symbol to what lies ahead for the stocks market by end of year as you can find on this link – https://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-fate-of-the-stock-market-for-2018-could-rest-on-the-next-5-trading-days-2018-07-24 – statistics on this article will change your perspective as far as what can happen if… :
Facebook earning season

After Google reported better than expected results and went up 75$ in 48 hours, Facebook is reporting today – Amazon is reporting tomorrow –  Apple/Tesla are reporting next week – it is going to be very happy…

This is how Facebook is looking right now, and that is after several main things happened in the company, such as Colin Stretch who announced exit marks company –  the second high-level departure in recent weeks, in addition, Facebook is due to set up China tech to cultivate innovation – and the stock does not rest…
Facebook chart

Amazon – also had several major issues that will affect the long-term valuation of the stock, and the new sectors the company is planning to get into/get out of… for example –   On Tuesday said Jason Ropell, the executive in charge of its film division, plans to leave the company, in what could signal a shift toward commercial projects and away from independent films.
“Mad Money” came in with an obvious recommendation on all FANG stocks after Google reported saying that:
Alphabet’s latest quarter showed that shares of the Google parent could still have room to run, CNBC’s Jim Cramer says –  But it’s not just Alphabet: The rest of FANG could also see more gains, the “Mad Money” host says – https://www.cnbc.com/2018/07/24/cramer-fang-stocks-could-still-head-higher-after-alphabets-quarter.html?__source=yahoo|finance|headline|story|&par=yahoo&yptr=yahoo
Amazon chart


Better than Gold – better than Oil – better than stocks – better than currencies – better than better – Bitcoin!!!

More than 2000$ movement in just 2 days -After Facebook and Google reversal, today, Bitcoin raised up by 500$! will it continue?

Bitcoin chart for today:
Bitcoin Chart 25/07/18

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