Bitcoin Review 29/08/18

The Bitcoin Chance

We have a chance of Bitcoin reaching rates higher than today by at least 2,000$-4,000$ the movement fundamental explanation is in a different source this time…please read this article –

This was done before by the Chinese government last year and triggered a huge rally on Bitcoin of 15,000$ per coin all the way towards 20,000$ per Bitcoin.

Looking at the Bitcoin right now shows the same pattern and the same support level that was tested 4 times in the past 12 months – and gives an interesting insight on some of the potentials that lurk for the Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin 2908 chart

Is this the opportunity that Crypto investors waiting for? – it could be…

So far the Bitcoin went up in the past few days since the announcement by more than 800$ per Coin – More to come? – let’s see what price action we will get today.

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