Cars Industry Review 28/08/18

The opportunities that the market presents us recently are not only appealing but are also very volatile and as such need to be taken advantage of quickly…

The biggest story that pushed the Indices upwards yesterday was the Car industry opportunity that was formed(quite suddenly one might add…) by the new trade agreement between U.S and Mexico( that basically alerted the markets of ease in the “Trade War” section – and provided positive energy for the bulls as they pull the Dow Jones from its longest stint in correction territory in 60 years… –

Stocks Affected

This statement pushed the Car industry upwards yesterday – here are only a selected few stocks which enjoyed that deal:

GM – After a drop of more than 20% in the past 2 months, the stocks gets a boost from investors who jump back into the car industry…

GM stock 28/08

Ford – The American giant and one of the oldest companies in the industry and after dropping close to 30% in the past 3 months – finally received some reinforcement from this deal.

Fors stock chart 2808

All that sector yesterday enjoyed a phenomenal momentum.


Gold – the asset pushed forward north, and as of now shows strong indications of striving towards the level of 1,221 as another resistance to go through, and then pushing towards the next level of 1,234 and from there going towards 1,259 are a matter of time…

Gold Chart 2808

As it is expected right now, this industry will enjoy a positive momentum and traders are able to take advantage of it at least in the next few days – as far as a longer term we will need to see some real movement from both parties – but that does not change the opportunity – and the timing…

As of now – the car industry – is the industry to be in!!

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