Buying the Dips – Netflix

What a start for September – and it only just began

Yesterday, we saw a major market turn around as the Nasdaq came down 1.7%,
The reason behind the drop was due to the fact that the uncertainty around trade has rattled investors, overshadowing U.S. economic data that have been healthy.
The issue has undercut some confidence in stocks against the backdrop of a robust economy that suggests more upside for the market.

Many great Tech stocks took a hit last night and a great example of why you should never panic can be seen below.
Shares of Facebook slid 2.3% and Twitter TWTR, 6.1%.
Other notable tech movers included Google-1.01%  and Microsoft Corp. MSFT, -2.88% which lost 2.9%. Inc fell 2.2%.
While the e-commerce giant is classified as a consumer-discretionary company, it often trades on technology-related trends.
Netflix Inc. shed 6.2%.


Some of you may have heard the phrase “BUY THE DIP”.

This is when a stock or asset drops somewhat significantly based on a purely speculative decision.
Yesterday, we witness Netflix dropping -6.2%.

Netflix represents a perfect “BUY THE DIP” opportunity and has shown continuously that the sentiment behind the company is highly positive.

Want to know how to “BUY THE  DIP” and what to do while others panic?

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