U.S. Dollar index – 8/5/18 Review

Tonight we’ve got one of the most important decisions Mr. Trump has made since he’s gotten to office.

2 choices while one seems more reasonable than the other:

  1. The agreement will stand although, the need for adjustments which will be made during the ongoing negotiations with Iran, will sustain.
  2. The U.S. will remove itself from any accountability in the matter of the agreement – thus creates a situation of  insignynuclear agreement which will force Iran to either go back the table (for an negotiation) – or to retaliate…


Either way, this situation creates a lot of trades volatility and opportunities – most of them is forced on the U.S dollar.

As you can see on the chart below, the U.S dollar index enjoys a Bullish momentum during the past month- which effects trades comparing to assets- on the reversed way (I.e dollars goes up while what’s being trade against it- goes down).

Any assets that’s been traded against the U.S dollar suffers reduction during the past 4 weeks and shall the deceleration continues further tonight – the sentiment can get even stronger…

Related Assets such as – Gold/Silver/EUR/GBP/AUD

Are all expected to keep getting weaker against the  U.S Dollar.


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