Market Review 04/07/2018

4th of July

So it is the 4th of July, and the American market is closed today while the European market will try to give investors a certain direction or a clue on what might happen – but the markets appear to be indecisive and most likely will expect the re-opening of the U.S.



Previous NFP showed an increase of 223K new positions and expectations for 200K to be added this month, follow this link to understand how to use the economic calendar –

After China courthouse declared that Micron will not be able to market 26 products, the trade war looks like it is reaching other places than the media – follow this article to learn more –
This NFP will be very interesting as the Gold/Silver that constantly moves during the NFP are expected to be even more volatile after yesterday’s rise – will they shine again?

Gold & Silver

Gold – made a movement of 22$ yesterday as concerns from inflation start rising in countries around the world, and investors understand that the long-term can have more surprises…

Silver – Looks strong like the Gold.

Dow Jones

Another interesting thing that happened yesterday was a movement on Indices that started the session in an up-rise and finished the session in a weakness of up to 0.6% – important to follow price action as the Dow Jones keeps trading under the 200MA…

Sare your opinion below and stay tuned – more to come…

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