Lately, the markets are acting weird enough to wonder – what is going on?

FANG stocks definition – An acronym for four stocks: Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX), and Google (Alphabet Inc), and later on; Apple (APPL) joined the “group” changing the acronym to FAANG.

One thing is for sure – the FANG stocks aren’t stopping and they are (for now) one of the key elements on keeping the market uprising…- let’s observe, shall we?


Apple(APPL) – breached towards an all times high, going towards a historical value of 1T (Trillion$$$) –  currently at a value of around 971B.

After the WWDC, Apple presented new features and renovations – (unfortunately without a new iPhone announcement)…

Since the stock has been escalating above previous resistance levels of 190$, and going towards 193$ and keeps on going and going – will it reach 1T? Will it cross it? How far will it cross? – what do you think?


Facebook (FB) – Facebook does not get a break… Not only from bad publicity but also from investors who keep buying its stocks towards an all-new high…

As it turns out, there is no bad publicity, the ongoing media hunt against Facebook does not frighten the investors, the stock becomes more and more alluring as the price action went to 195$ yesterday right before declining back towards 192$ at closing time.

As of now, it keeps on coming (both investors and bad news).


Amazon(AMZN) – The biggest movement of the week goes to – Amazon!

The stock value rose by 96$ per share and is traded (as well) at an all times high of 1696 and it looks very bullish – every time Amazon breached a previous high it made an overall movement of at least 10% above the previous one – will it happen again now? – so far Amazon provided 5% of the overall 10%…- you will be the one to decide.


Netflix(NFLX) – an astounding movement of 121% in the past 12 months – and still counting!!

This stock provides investors more room for an up rise? the P/E looks very big – but the money keeps on coming – will it continue? – you will decide…



Google(GOOG)-The giant multinational technology company also went up 9.5% in the past 4 trading sessions and is getting close to all times high as well.

Following the rest of the FAANG it remains solid – for now..- will it hold or will it continue?

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