Fire!!! Market Review 28/09/2018

When the markets are on fire – one needs to recognize it and act accordingly.


The dollar is on fire and expected to continue with his run at least too few more sessions – and you can benefit from it.

As of now, the majority of the currencies are falling against the undisputed ruler of the exchange market that’s on top of commodities like Gold/Silver that are losing value and expected to go further.


EUR/USD – the chart below will show you that as yesterday the support levels are being tested and most likely will be continuing the same path…

EURUSD 2809 chart

Gold – Keeps dropping and facing next support levels at rates that are lower at 13$-25$ per ounce….if these rates are breached its bad news for Gold.

Gold Chart 2809


And another big opportunity(for the longer term traders only) – Dax30.

As it is expected the ECB to stop injecting demand to the “Old Continent” very soon – the markets have started pricing it in 3 months ago – and now they are facing the fourth time with the same trading conditions – watch the chart below.


When too much money is looking for few opportunities – this is the time to be wary and start thinking about markets corrections/pullbacks…

Comment below and stay tuned – more to come.

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