Is it the end of the Bullish market?‏

Is it really the beginning of the end of the Bullish market?


The current bullish market is becoming very mature(close to 10 years..) and some of the financial analysts/Banks/Institutions are starting to release predictions almost on day to day basis that speculate that the markets can drop up to 50% in value in major Indices –

On top, Morgan Stanley released a prediction of the same color –

All this comes just a second before the biggest company in the world(Apple) is about to release the reports for the 2nd quarter of 2018 – and the game becomes serious…

As of now, this markets Cycle looks mature enough for an opposite movement as the next chart will demonstrate how cycles work since 1930 – 2017

Bullish Bearish Cycle

The current Bullish cycle and the end of it – is up to you(as far as a decision)

As of tonight, Apple is due to report – what to expect? –

Apple CEO

Tonight’s report will be extremity important as investors will look for a chance to make a decision on one of the most important assets that form an opportunity –

Nasdaq – As of now traded on a support trend line and forms a critical decision for long-term traders as if will be breached downwards will trigger a short-term selloff while if the opposite will happen can trigger additional buying power to the market take a look:

NASDAQ Chart 3107

Comment below and share your opinion – more to come…

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