Market Review 30/07/18

Facebook and Twitter… A big dislike

After a very shaky weekend and reports like Facebook And Twitter that dropped up to 20% in value – a very interesting week is ahead as Both Tesla and Apple are due to report starting tomorrow – AMC.

Tesla and Apple show

Tesla finished the week on a bad note and dropped below the support trend line as a bad omen for investors who believe in technical analysis and price action looks negative as of now – will Musk pull another rabbit? – read more about what is expected here –

Tesla Chart 30/07/18

Apple looks like will clear the stage for Tesla but still be very important to investors as the biggest company in the world had always been – a steady rock of stability in an ever volatile market…

Can Apple deliver again? – Here are the expectations of the analysts – source –
NASDAQ Forecast for Aple

The stock finished Friday on a negative note and looks like this:
Apple Chart 30/07/18

Gold, anyone?

On the CFD Section – Gold looks interesting enough for the Bears as it moving slowly but surely towards lower rates as the Dollar index gets stronger:
Gold chart 30/07/18

Stay tuned – And share your opinion below…

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