Storm! – 29/05/2018 Market Review

A very important week opened in a storm as currencies are dropping against the Dollar, while the Dollar is getting stronger the Gold(XAU) started rising in what seems like an anomaly but signals concerns over another debt crisis in Italy as the 10-year bond of the country jumps towards 3% this morning.


Dax30 – crashing down 500 points in the past week alone because of concerns from a returning debt crisis in Europe and the EUR/USD confirms that every day that passes…


U.S Dollar Index

The U.S Dollar Index continues to climb and investors are looking for a safe haven during this volatile times – the Dollar looks like a rocket…



EUR/USD – continues to drop and signal fears from a debt crisis in Europe the currency completes a drop of 850 pips since the end of April.

10-Year Bond

The 10-Year Bond in Italy spikes up today 13.6% and touches the 3.05% mark – what seems to be pricing concerns from Italy’s ability to repay their debt…


The Gold(XAU) starts to gain momentum even though the Dollar keeps getting stronger what forms as a signal of concerns that return to the market – still needs to breach 1,325$ mark to signal a long-term up rise – but it is very close to it…

Did we say it is going to be an exciting week? – we will say it again! – it is going to be exciting!

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