The Best Is Yet To Come

Is the debt crisis here again? – a question that got a clear answer yesterday!

As yesterday’s session evolved, European stocks suffered a major selloff which triggered a selloff in the U.S stocks as well, which caused the Bank stocks to drop anywhere from 2%-6.5% – major banks such as:
DB/J.P Morgan/BAC/GS/BK/Cetc…


New Tariffs On China

Just as things could not get any worse, the reports from Trump administration came out on the new tariffs on China –

Indices around the world dropped 1.5%-1.7% and this drop continues today in the Asian session that shows drops of 1.6%(Hong Kong) – 2.53%(Shanghai).

Italy 10-Year Bonds

Italy 10-Year bonds continue to be volatile and trade with concerns of the ability of Italy to meet their debt..-

As of now, the Italian administration faces an “Interest Shock” as interest rates rose by 100% in the course of a month – worried?


DB(Deutsche bank) – dropped 6.3% yesterday completing a drop of 41% since the beginning of 2018 and reminds investors concerns of 2008 when Lehman caused a chain reaction.


Dax30 – seems very bearish and completes a drop of 650 points in a course of a week when next support levels show an unclear future for the German¬†Index…


In times like this most investors turn to Gold(XAU), trying to see if it can provide the same protection as it did back in 2008 – something interesting is found when looking at the gold asset in a 20 years perspective scale…

Stay tuned – the best is yet to come…

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