The Gold and the Oil

Recently we have seen a serious drop in the price of commodities such as Gold/Oil and as of are both a serious opportunity for the swingers/day traders as both commodities dropped very strong and the bounce is not too far away as technical analysis show…


Gold – has been in the same pattern 5 years ago right before a bounce upwards of up to 120$ in value as the chart below shows:

Gold Chart 1608



Crude Oil

Oil – right after the inventories yesterday and also due to the tremendous strength of the U.S Dollar the “Black Gold” dropped up to 4% mid-session and closed yesterday’s session at 65$ per barrel – how would you think it will play out today?

Crude Oil Chart 1608

Dollar Index – the currency rose very strong in the past several days and shows temporary reversal signs – even a temporary reversal will affect the price of commodities such as Gold/Oil as a direct reverse correlation…

Dollar index chart 1608

Stay tuned more to come…

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