Weekly Market Review

This week will be one of the most interesting ones in the financial market for a while…

Several events will be influencing the markets and will create a lot of movements:

Singapore summit

Summit in Singapore of Mr. Donald Trump and Mr. Kim Jung UN – Potential of creating a positive momentum in the markets if the talks will have a positive effect – and can cause the opposite if they will go wrong – either way the U.S president is sure he will be able to spot seriousness in the first minute…so it is important to watch the beginning of the summit and see if it has the ability to become a NATO/WARSAW summit style or a Paris summit style? – https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jun/11/trump-kim-summit-north-korea-hails-new-era-of-relations-with-the-us

Interest Rate Decision

ECB Meeting –
will the central bank announce this week on an expected interest rate rise or on reducing the stimulants and money it is injecting into the markets in the past years…
The EUR/USD is expected to be affected by this statement quite dramatically – after dropping 850 pips and correcting last week 300 pips…


South-Korea Exchange Hack

BTC – The Bitcoin started the day with a 12% drop that followed a report on South-Korea exchange hack – https://www.marketwatch.com/story/bitcoin-drops-more-than-10-after-south-korean-exchange-hacked-2018-06-10
As investors start their week, they get the BTC in a rate that was visited twice in the previous 4 months and every time followed a movement of 3000-5000 points movement… will it happen this time as well?

FOMC Meeting

FOMC Meeting – A crucial meeting that will not only decide the interest rate hike, but will also provide a future insight on the upcoming ones and if will there be additional 1/2 interest rate hikes until the end of the year – this will affect the Dollar index but another asset which will create a movement will be the GOLD(XAU).

A very exciting week ahead – stay tuned.

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