Google opportunity

The Google opportunity

Just under a year ago we can all remember the massive anti-trust lawsuit filed against Google by the European Union.
That fine totaled at $2.7 Billion, creating significant depreciation in Google’s stock price.
This also severely limited Google’s ability to spread its influence and continue on a path to massive growth.

Below you may see exactly how the market reacted to the news and the following implementation of the fine:

The stock was down -6.8% in the first 4 days of trading following the report – and capped off the month with a continued downtrend totaling at -9.8% for the month.


Over the course of the year following the fine, Google went on to reach record highs.
However, today the E.U is yet again on top of things with an early report of an additional fine of $5 Billion – nearly twice the previous fine!.
Google has been trading at near record highs of approx. $1050-$1250 per share.

Currently trading at $1209 per share, with this recent news, will history repeat itself?
anyway, traders can take advantage…”


Trading such an event can be done carefully and profitably by using limit orders before market open, setting correct SL & TP triggers for the stock price, and diversifying positions based on time frame.
A short trade selling the stock on the drop, and a long buy position picking it up at the bottom is a tactic professionally referred to in the markets as “The Golden Circle”.

For more info on how you can take advantage of this news feel free to comment below.

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