Stocks are the only game in town

Stocks Earning Season

As the earnings season picks up, we can see that the stocks market is the only game in town and it looks like investors are only looking for excused to buy stocks, and that is the time for strong movements to happen…

There are close to 194 stocks that due to report next week, and when the heat picks up only the strong can deal with the kitchen – “fight fire with fire”.

Here are some of the shares reporting next week from the Dow Jones:

Just in order to remind you – as the stock nears the actual report the price action gets interesting and movements can appear as sudden but create amazing Opportunities to generate profits.

Gold – suffers a negative momentum as the price of the commodity continues to fall versus a stronger Dollar by the day


As the dollar remains strong the EUR struggles to keep head above water and looks like facing another test  of previous support at 1.1538

GBP/USD – Also dropping towards lower levels as the weakness of global currencies continues to hit the markets and the Cable looks weak and facing levels of 1.2950 – pay attention to the retail sales coming up at 09:30 GMT follow it through this link –

In a time where Trade wars do not intimidate anyone anymore, and stocks are reporting strong profits due to tax benefits received since the beginning of the year – investors should take advantage of yet another beneficial earnings season with caution towards the end of the year – where risks still lurk in the dark waiting for a turnaround…

Stay tuned – more to come…


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