Market Review 22/06/2018


Could it be that the value of Amazon started its way towards the balance point due to the supreme court decision? – Not according to CNBC –

After the announcement on the decision, the stock’s behavior became volatile and balanced towards the end of the session as investors bought the dip – yet again.

What do you think of the stock?


Could it be that Netflix is experiencing over-optimism 2000’s style? is it overpriced? since 2016 it has been said that the stock is overvalued and it should reach towards 115$ per stock – – so it was said, so what? – Netflix keeps going and going and breaching every previous expectation from the stock –

As of now out, 31 analysts covering Netflix 18 recommend to Buy 12 to Hold and only 1 to Sell – what do you think?

Could it be that these stocks which were covered by us several days ago are on their way towards a correction or just a glitch in price action which brings “new money” and the stocks are heading new highs – what do you think?

Share your opinion below, and let us know your opinion.

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