Market Review 27/06/2018

As the earnings season is upon us, the stocks are getting ready to present their results, and the Oil which rose by 4% yesterday – form interesting opportunities for investors and the market looks as if going into small level of depression as Indices like the Dow Jones and the S&P500; are locating their price action beneath the 200MA – defiantly interesting….

Crude Oil

Oil – went up yesterday by 4% after the U.S government showed seriousness around the sanctions on Iran, and as the Crude Oil inventories are released today an additional movement is expected and the technical chart on the Oil shows strong bullish indications – follow this link to get real-time information as the Crude Oil Inventories will be published –

Dow Jones

Dow Jones – Futures drop as of now by up to 0.7% before the Market opens and a second before the earnings season it is important to follow price action+New Tweets by president Donald Trump – as of now looks more in the bearish territory – and more to come…



FAANG – The stocks went into a sharp correction yesterday and showed a lot of strength as these popular tech stocks get ready for another season with investors expectation for them to deliver(yet again) and keep the momentum going – will they? – go over this article to learn more –






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