Weekly Market Review 18-22/06

After last week, we are in for another strong week with a lot going on and assets are on the verge of performing additional strong movements with the U.S Dollar still in the lead.

Last week, after the US decision to raise interest rates  – The U.S Dollar got stronger and went up against the majority of the currencies worldwide – the trend still looks very strong;

Dollar Index

The EUR/USD got into a turbulence and dropped 200 pips, looking at its pattern. by examining the daily chart, we notice a “pennant” pattern. According to statistics, counting on previous behaviors, will this pattern contribute ti the continuation of the negative momentum? – share your opinion below…


The Commodity market is also reacting to the rising on the U.S Dollar rate and is declining almost in every field – Aluminium, Steel, Gold, Copper, Oil, Soya etc…

A high U.S Dollar rate with a combination of weakening economies around the world(Argentina/Brazil/India/Italy/etc…)-  worries the investors about the long-term demand for these commodities – what do you think? Share your opinion



Dow Jones

The index is just a step before a very big movement up ahead and this week is crucial for it – stay tuned and pay attention to the chart attached a classic triangle shape and consolidation towards a decision:

exciting week! – stay tuned…

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